Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why the Samsung Galaxy is Better Than the iPhone

In December, I got my first cell phone. At first, my choice was an iPhone. It seemed like the only option because that's the only smartphone I really knew about. But, the day after Black Friday, a trip to Best Buy (to see if there were any sales on the iPhones) turned out to be day one of "Team Android." The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and s4 had huge displays and I fell in love. Even though it was extremely different from my mom and dad's iPhones, I thought it was worth it to learn a whole new operating system. I love my Samsung Galaxy so much that I think it's important that people stop thinking that the iPhone is better (especially with the new release of the Galaxy s5). Here are some reasons why getting the Samsung Galaxy s4 and not the iPhone (like my sister) was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

1. The size - A lot of people wonder why I chose the "big phone." Even though it doesn't fit in my small pockets in my jeans, I carry a purse anyway. So that doesn't matter. It still fits in my hand. With the 5 inch display, I can read on it. I can also do the split-screen feature and the two apps on the split- screen aren't too tiny.

2. The colors - The amazing phone is vibrant and eye- catching. I love how the games and apps look so bright and amazing.

3. Live Wallpapers - Yes, the wallpapers can move. You can get live wallpapers with dogs walking, fish swimming, and pretty much anything you can think of. Does the iPhone have that?! I don't think so!

4. Customizing - When I turn on my phone, the top of the screen says "Ellie is awesome" in blue. I click on the Instagram logo on the lock screen, it quickly uses facial recognition and lets me in, with the Instagram app open for me. All of this is because of how customizable the Samsung Galaxy s4 is. Every person uses their phone differently, and on the s4 it is easy to customize your cell phone experience. Not only is it helpful, it is also fun to test out all of the options.

5. Camera - The camera on my phone is awesome (and the new s5 is probably even better). You can do beauty face mode, sound and shot, panorama, sport mode, erasing mode, night mode, and other options that make your photos amazing.

6. Battery Life - When my friends and family with iPhones run to plug them in because their battery is nearly gone, I look down at mine and see that I am at 60-70%+ charged. It lasts so much longer.

7. Memory - I got a 16GB phone and added a 64GB card.  So I have 80GB. My sister only has 32GB and my mom and dad each have 64GB - and they cannot increase the space on their iPhones.

My friends who have Samsung Galaxies agree with me and we are even convincing our other friend to get a Samsung when she gets a new phone. I know that some people don't agree with me. Both phones have negatives and positives and it really depends on your personal preference. But if you are thinking of getting a new phone, always remember that Samsung Galaxies are here. Whether you get the Galaxy Note, Galaxy s4 or 5, or one of the other Samsung smart phones, I know that you will like it.

Do you have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy or another phone? Which one do you prefer? I'd love to hear what you think.
Me with my phone

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Best of TigerFest 2014

TigerFest is an event that takes place in January of each year. Detroit Tiger fans come to Comerica Park for a day of autographs, interviews, tours, and activities. For the past few years, my dad has taken my sister and me to this awesome event. Here are some fun things about TigerFest other than standing in line for autographs:
1. One of the cool things at TigerFest was the tent with past giveaways in it. The money from the sales goes to charity. There was a pile of envelopes with players' pictures and autographs inside for $20. The fun part was that you didn't know who you had until you bought it. We got Prince Fielder, who isn't even with the Tigers anymore! I also got a Miguel Cabrera growth chart and a new orange Tigers winter hat for $5.
2. One of my favorite parts of TigerFest is player interviews with the Tiger's broadcasters and with questions from the audience. This takes place in a room upstairs from the food court. There are chairs and bleachers set up. Nick Castellanos, who is now the third baseman, was interviewed first. I found out that he is 21 years old and doesn't ever read newspaper or magazine articles about himself. He wants to focus and not have negative thoughts in his head. He also said "I hate the outfield!"
My sister and me in the Tigers' Clubhouse

3. Also going on was a tour of the clubhouse and dugout. I saw where players put their stuff and where they can hang out before games. They even had their own little gym. When I was in the dugout, I got to sit on the bench saw the field with snow on it, not something you usually see during baseball season.

The snowy field at Comerica Park

I definitely recommend going to TigerFest if you love the Detroit Tigers. It is a fun, unique experience that everyone enjoys. Have you ever gone to TigerFest or an event like it?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Review: Foul Trouble by John Feinstein

The cover mentions "the game" which refers to recruiting (image from Barnes and Noble)
When I saw that John Feinstein had written another book for kids, I was so excited. He is my favorite author. The book, Foul Trouble, shows a whole different side of basketball - recruiting.

Terrell Jamerson is the country's top recruit. Many big, powerful colleges have their eyes on him. His best friend, Danny Wilcox, the coach's son, is a point guard and a decent player who is improving. Being the best friend of one of the best high school players (and being one himself) is not easy. Terrell and Danny learn all about recruiting and what being a NCAA "student athlete" is all about, all while trying to decide what college is right for them. 

Will Terrell decide on a basketball powerhouse like Duke, or settle on a smaller school with a rising basketball program, like the fictional Atlanta or Mass State? Will Danny be able to make his dad proud? Read Foul Trouble to find out.

Foul Trouble changes the way that you look at high school and college basketball and understand the setbacks and complications of young athletes. Real schools and coaches were used, which made me think about what I would do in Terrell's situation. I thought it was interesting when Terrell and Danny were at basketball camps, because I never really knew about those before reading the book.

This book was excellent. I recommend it to anybody who enjoys watching and reading about basketball, even adults! I would rate it 5 stars because it was interesting, well written, and left me in suspense at the end of every chapter.