Monday, August 27, 2012

Ellie's College Football Preview 2012

My Dad and me at the Michigan Spring Game 2012

This week is the week that fans have been waiting for all year. It's the start of college football. I like college football for the rivalries, being with family and friends, and just because I have been watching since I was a baby. I have written 5 predictions, games to watch, and surprises that will get you ready to  cheer on your favorite teams.

Best Matchup: Michigan vs. Alabama - With both teams having star players, good rankings, and a chance of going to the Championship, this is the game to watch.

Heisman Trophy Winner: Matt Barkley (USC) or Denard Robinson (Michigan) - Robinson and Barkley both have everyone's attention and it seems that if we chose now that one of them would win. But, last year RG3 (Robert Griffin III) came out of nowhere. That might happen again.

Biggest Preseason Surprise: Arizona hiring Rich Rodriguez - Rich Rodriguez was the coach of Michigan from 2008-2010. That was the time when Michigan could not play defense at all and were just not a good team. When Arizona hired him, I was very surprised. After his three horrible seasons at Michigan, I did not think he would be hired by another school.

Big Ten Game To Watch: Michigan State at Wisconsin- These two teams were against each other last year to try to be the Big Ten Champion in the first Big Ten Championship Game and go to the Rose Bowl. These two Top 10 teams will be ready for the interesting rematch.

Biggest question: Will LSU still be great without Tyrann Mathieu? - Tyrann Mathieu, "Honey Badger," was one of the reasons that LSU went 13-1 last year. He recently got kicked off the football team and out of school. Can the team still be amazing without him?

I hope I got you ready for the 2012 college football season. Leave a comment and let me know if you agree with my predictions. What teams will you be watching?

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  1. Care to comment on this Friday's game between Michigan State vs Boise State? Great blog!


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